Barry Forbes started Forbes Meats (Est. 1246) in 1965 and has
    since then been famous for superior beef and pork products. All of
    our products are made using the best USDA Choice to Prime Iowa
    corn fed beef and pork. We are noted for having some of the best
    tasting cuts around - this is because we take great care hand
    cutting the finest meats and take pride in our results!

    Our establishment is inspected on a daily basis by state inspectors
    to assure nothing but the highest quality products leave our store.
    The products you receive will be nothing short of spectacular!

    Our fresh and smoked meats are carefully packaged in specially
    made bags, vacuum sealed, and finally hand dipped for a finished
    package  unmatched by any automated equipment. This extends
    the life of the product, enhances appearance, and allows extended
    aging of steaks right in the package.

    Canned meat is another area we have excelled in. We are one of
    few places still producing canned meats. It has been one of our top
    sellers for many years. We produce hundreds of pints and quarts a
    week to meet the needs of our customers. It is a product worth
    trying! Canning, along with all other areas of production, is done
    under strict regulations and carefully watched by our inspectors to
    assure you a quality product.

    We at Forbes also take pride in our cured and smoked products.
    We use the highest quality seasonings and cures to prepare them.
    Our smokehouse is an old fashion tile wall unit using quality
    hickory to produce an unmatched taste. No fancy bells & whistles
    and no synthetic smoke flavoring or liquid smoke spraying. Old
    fashion hickory smoking is just plain hard to beat!!

    We are currently shipping our products all over the world and
    would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers. I thank you
    for looking and hope to do business with you soon. Give us a try -
    I'm sure we can meat your needs!
This is our Spirit Lake Store.  We carry all of our meats, cheeses, specialty gourmet foods,
spices & seasonings, sauces, groceries, cold beer & pop, fine wines, and a full line of  
liquor to name a few!  This is also where our shipping department is. Stop in and check us
out if you're in the area - You can't resist our one stop shopping experience!
Our Harris, Iowa store front. This is
where it all started, and where all of
our great tasting products are made.
Fresh meat case in the Harris store.
Sausage and cheese case at Harris.
Fresh meat case at our Spirit Lake
Beef end of the main Spirit Lake case.
Pork end of the main Spirit Lake case.
Freezer at Spirit Lake.
Sausage and cheese case in Spirit
Barry Forbes and Gary Severson
getting ready to trim some fresh pork
Barry and Gary trimming fresh pork
bellies in preparation for side pork
and smoked bacon while a state
inspector closely monitors.
Barry Forbes and Nathan Forbes
cutting Ribeyes for and order to go
Barry and Nathan trimming strings off
summer sausage to be packaged.
Cutting and packaging Ribeyes for
the meat case.
Darlene Saunders and Jane Crist
sorting, bagging, and vacuum
packing cottage bacon.
Our Hobart autoslicer hard at work
cutting shoulder picnics into cottage
One of 4 industrial shelving units for
dry storage of our special spices,
seasonings, and casings.
A rack with freshly smoked ring
bologna and german bologna on its
way to the cooler.
2 smoke racks with 16 trays full of our
famous beef jerky just coming out of
A rack with 550 pounds of freshly
stuffed summer sausage on the way
to the smokehouse.
Smoked bellies stacked on a cart
soon to be sliced into bacon.
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